The Knowledge About Astragalus Extract

Oct 09, 2021

Astragalus extract1

Benefits of water-soluble Astragalus extract

Improve immunity

Astragalus extractcan resist the invasion of bacteria and viruses, prevent the body from disease.

Improve sleep

 Astragalus root extract can improve sleep, can play a heat-clearing and detoxification effect, but also reduce the burden on the body to help improve sleep quality.


Astragalus extract can reduce the deposition of melanin, whitening skin effect, can let the skin become tender and shiny.

Fill gas beneficial blood

Astragalus extract powder can relieve cold hands and feet and numbness, as well as women's dysmenorrhea and low menstrual volume.

Lipid-lowering reducing weight

Astragalus transforms a large amount of fat in the body into small molecules, and then with water loss, the fat in the body is decomposed, and the weight drops naturally.

  • Side effects of Astragalus Extract

Astragalus extract side effects are often manifested as redness, poor sleep quality, insomnia, sore throat, irritability, high blood pressure or dizziness, and even aggravation or reversal trend. This is mainly due to excessive astragalus into the body after breaking the balance of the internal environment, which leads to a variety of physical discomfort.


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