The Best Immune Supplement—Ginsenoside CK

Sep 28, 2021

ginseng send inquirtyMany people lost their lives in the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, which lasted for two years and took the lives of 4.55 million people worldwide.The dead is gone, the living is here. The recurrence of COVID-19 has further confirmed the importance of human immunity. A number of studies have confirmed that ginsenoside CK has a major breakthrough in the regulation of human immunity.

ginsengThe origin of Ginseng

Panax ginseng originated in the Cenozoic Tertiary, about 60 million years ago. With the arrival of the Quaternary glacial age, their living area was greatly reduced, and panax ginseng and other plants of panax ginseng also became ancient relicted plants and survived.In China, ginseng has always been regarded as the king of herbs, known as "the best nourishing and strengthening agent in the East". In the West, ginseng is called PANAX C.A. MEYERGINSENG. "PANAX" comes from the Greek word meaning "cure-all".


What is ginsenoside CK

Ginsenoside CK is a diol type ginsenoside, which belongs to the rare ginsenoside and is almost not found in natural ginseng. It is the main degradation product of other ginsenosides Rb1 and Rg3 with high content in human intestinal tract, and has high biological activity and high absorption by human body. As early as 1972, Yasioka et al. discovered ginsenoside CK for the first time. Many studies showed that ginsenoside CK was the strongest among all ginsenosides in anti-tumor and enhancing body immunity.

ginseng extract

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