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    Answers To Questions About Minoxidil For Hair Loss

    Answer Question Minoxidil is the most widely used and effective treat topical hair loss medication in the world, but there are still a lot of people who are confused by minoxidil. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. Q1. What is the effect of minoxidil? A: Minoxidil has...

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    Natural Grape Seed Extract Makes Diabetes Less Scary

    Diabetes has become a major chronic disease threatening human health, affecting more than 200 million patients with chronic metabolic diseases worldwide. But numerous epidemiological studies have shown that diabetes is largely preventable through diet and lifestyle changes. As secondary...

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    Where Capsaicin Can Be Applied

    Capsaicin, once known only as the spice compound in chili peppers, has been found to have a variety of applications, such as topical pain relievers, cosmetics and animal repellents. A survey of patent layouts in 2000 showed organizations were finding the most new uses for capsaicin, and where it...

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    Knowledge Of Natural Plant Extract Rutin

    Xi an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd. integrates the research and development, production and sales for many years. We are your reliable Rutin Extract Powder wholesaler. � Need me? Click here to send an inqury. ※ We can supply customized service as your request. Tel: 0086-131-6572-3252 Email:...

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    Why Is Chlorophyll The Hottest Cosmetic Ingredient In 2021

    Recently, chlorophyll beauty has attracted a lot of attention on TikTok, with a total of about 370 million views on chlorophyll-related topics. What makes chlorophyll so popular in the beauty field? TikTok beauty blogger @EllieTaylor929 documented her facial acne and redness as she drank liquid...

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    What Are The Pharmacological Effects Of Shikimic Acid

    Production Introduction Shikimic acid is a monomer compound extracted from star anise, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can also be used as an intermediate of antiviral and anticancer drugs. 2. Anti-bacterial and anti-tumor effects It was reported in 1987 that Japanese scholars...

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    Problems Of Curcumin In The International Market

    In June 2021, an American food supplement company (NOW) conducted multiple standard tests on the efficacy, heavy metals, label accuracy and potential synthetic curcumin addition amount of 23 curcumin products on the market through market research, and the results were less than satisfactory. The...

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    A few Misconceptions About Corn

    As the main dietary fiber, corn is very rich in nutritional value and there are many kinds of corn. At the same time, there are also many disputes about corn, such as color corn is unhealthy, diabetes can not eat sweet corn, eat corn is not limited, the following detailed answers to these...

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    How Did Functional Soft Candy Occupy The Health Market

    A few years ago, people were worried about remembering to take medicine and health care products on time, now relatively young people choose more functional soft candy , so what is the secret of functional soft candy can quickly occupy the health market ?

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    What Is The Value Of Pueraria

    Pueraria is also called kudzu , kudzu plante is native to Asia and widely cultivated in Thailand and Myanmar. It contains a variety of flavonoids, the main active ingredients are Daidzin, Daidzein, puerarin and Puerarin-7-xyloside. Puerarin contains phytoestrogens, which are compounds that act...

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    Why Silk Protein Become The First Choice For Skin Care Products

    With the increase of consumer demand for skin care products, there are more and more skin care products in the market, among which, the skin care products containing silk protein are expensive and become the first choice of high-end skin care products. So what's the magic of hydrolyzed silk?...

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    Why Is Sialic Acid So Valuable

    sialic acid benefits However, the production of bird's nest is very limited, the labor cost of bird's nest is very high, and the price of high-purity natural sialic acid is several hundred yuan per gram. Sialic acid is precious because of its limited nutritional value and yield. Xi an...

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    Protective Effect Of Natural Silythistle On Liver

    Often stay up late drinking irregular life, these bad habits will harm the health, including the human body is the most fatal liver, the liver is a "silent" organ, no nerve pain also won't appear obvious symptoms, so people often ignore the health of its, when found that two-thirds...

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    What Is The Principle Of Pearl Powder Whitening

    The use of pearl powder has a long history, more than 2,000 years in China, "Compendium of Materia Medica" recorded that the efficacy of pearl is to beautize the skin. So how does pearl powder for skin whitening ? Xi an Sost Biotech Co., Ltd. integrates the research and development,...

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    Cistanche Health Benefits

    Cistanche deserticola , also known as cistanche tubulosa . It is a parasitic plant that lives on the roots of desert trees, drawing nutrients and water from their hosts.Known as "desert ginseng". It has high medicinal value and it is a rare traditional Chinese medicine. Cistanche...

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    Maca Powder Benefits

    Maca , known as Lepidium meyenii Walp or Peruvian ginseng. It is an edible herb native to the Andes mountains of South America. It has been cultivated as a root vegetable for at least 3000 years. Maca root is also used to make medicine. Maca powder contains alkaloids, glucosinolates, vitamins,...

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    Does Taking Licorice Extract Inhibit COVID-19

    COVID-19 virus has already covered the world, with more than 200 million confirmed cases and 4.26 million deaths. In such a crisis, the virus can infect our bodies at any time. So how do we treat and prevent COVID-19? A research team from Peking University in China has given us the answer. A...

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    Why Is Soy Protein Effective In Improving Obesity

    In modern life, people pay more and more attention to their weight and health. Scientific research shows that when the body has less muscle and higher fat content, even if the body weight is normal, it will still increase the risk of early death. This invisible obesity is called normal weight...

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    Fingerroot Benefits

    Finger root is a root plant belonging to the zingiberaceae family. The latin name is Boesenbergia Rotunda (L.) Mansf, commonly known as Chinese Key, fingerroot or Chinese ginger. Many Asians regard it as an important flavoring ingredient and spice, as well as a cure for certain diseases. Studies...

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    The Extraction Process Of Monk Fruit Extract

    The main active ingredient in the Monk Fruit Extract is Mogrosides (mohan glucoside), and it has mature production technology. The traditional extraction methods of Monk fruit are mainly boiled or soaked in ethanol solution, which will lead to the loss of active ingredients, waste of natural...

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