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Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Product name: Ginseng extract Extracted part :Root Specifications :10%-98% Ginsenosides, 10:1,20:1 Appearance: Light yellow fine powder

Product details


+ Ginseng contains various kinds of ginsenosides, such as ginsenoside Ro, Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Re, Rg1 and pseudoginsenoside F11. F11 is the main difference to distinguish American ginseng from ginseng. 

+ Furthermore, it is featured by expanding blood vessel, improving brain blood supplying, and reducing and adjusting blood pressure, curing coronary heart disease, anti-aging, anti-knub, resisting inflammation.  

+ No Stearates, No Fillers, No Gluten, No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives! Produced by GMP certified facilities with the highest manufacturing and sourcing standards of Pure Science.

+ This extract can regulate the nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine system, promote the body metabolism, improve the brain, physical activity and immune function enhance anti-stress anti-fatigue anti-aging, anti-cancer, radiation resistance.

+ Actually, it has wide applicaaion in many fields now, such as the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, stomach and liver disease, diabetes, neurasthenia, impotence. Improve vision and enhance the visual effect of dark adaptation. 

+ Ginseng also has a remarkable ability to reduce stress and promote positive mood. Calmness and improved concentration both lead to better mental capacity. It is a safe and natural vitality enhancer that improves blood circulation and overall body function in the form of easy to absorb vegetarian capsules.

Descriptions :

Product name: Ginseng extract

Extracted part :Root

Specifications :10%-98% Ginsenosides ,10:1,20:1

Appearance: Light yellow fine powder

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