Protective Effect Of Natural Silythistle On Liver

Aug 17, 2021

Often stay up late drinking irregular life, these bad habits will harm the health, including the human body is the most fatal liver, the liver is a "silent" organ, no nerve pain also won't appear obvious symptoms, so people often ignore the health of its, when found that two-thirds of the liver problem body has been injured.

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In order to protect the liver, first of all, stop staying up late and drinking alcohol, stick to exercise and eat a balanced diet. Secondly, supplement the plant essence of nourishing and protecting liver, such as milk thistle, and promote the recovery of liver function through the supplement of nutrition. So what are the liver protective effects of milk thistle?

Milk thistle is an excellent liver plant, also known as silybum marianum, cardus marianus. Medieval European doctors have been using it to treat liver diseases. Silymarin, a modern medicine from milk thistle extract. It is a powerful antioxidant that boosts metabolism. Silymarin is listed by the FDA as a nutrient and as a treatment for ingested liver toxicity.

Through a large number of clinical studies, it has been proved that silythistle extract can protect and stabilize liver cell membrane, help prevent liver injury and help liver metabolize toxins, so as to improve liver function.

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