Why Is Sialic Acid So Valuable

Aug 18, 2021

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Sialic acid, a natural carbohydrate, it is also known as "bird's nest acid" and as the name suggests, bird's nest contains a whopping 50 times more sialic acid than any other substance. Edible bird's nest is the best source of sialic acid, which is also the most nutritious component in cubilose. So why is sialic acid so nutritious?

Sialic acid is a general term for nine-carbohydrate glyconeuraminidyl compounds. It was first isolated from salivary gland mucins by Swedish biochemist Gunmar Blix. It is widely found in cell membrane glycoproteins and lipoproteins in living organisms, and plays an important role in many important processes of living organisms, such as cell recognition, survival, reproduction, biofilm flow, and endocytosis.

Sialic Acid Benefits

Biological functions of sialic acid

Medical functions of sialic acid

Maintain the normal function of cells

Treating Alzheimer's disease

Promotes brain development, enhances memory and intelligence

anti-tumor effect

Promote the growth of probiotics in the gut

The role of cancer recognition

Promote growth and development

Maintain human mucin lubrication

Whitening and anti-aging, prevent the generation of melanin

Anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects

However, the production of bird's nest is very limited, the labor cost of bird's nest is very high, and the price of high-purity natural sialic acid is several hundred yuan per gram. Sialic acid is precious because of its limited nutritional value and yield.

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