Why Silk Protein Become The First Choice For Skin Care Products

Aug 20, 2021

With the increase of consumer demand for skin care products, there are more and more skin care products in the market, among which, the skin care products containing silk protein are expensive and become the first choice of high-end skin care products. So what's the magic of hydrolyzed silk?

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Silk protein is also known as silk fibroin protein. Hydrolyzed silk is a natural high molecular fibrin extracted from silk. It contains 18 kinds of amino acids, of which glycine, alanine and serine account for more than 80% of the total composition. It can help repair the skin tissue that is damaged, make dark and hoarse tired skin add vitality again, restore white in very short time thereby, the protein that contains is much higher than pearl, among them nitrogen content is higher than pearl several dozen times, main amino acid content is higher than 10 times above.

Silk Protein For Skin Care

Deep whitening

Deep into the skin, fundamentally whitening skin without side effects

Long-lasting moisturizing

NMF factor is 10 times more than conventional plant or chemical moisturizers, giving skin continuous and efficient hydration

Nourishing recuperation

Strong penetration, provide essential nutrients for skin, promote cell metabolism, improve skin quality


It can activate skin cells, improve microcirculation, resist aging and wrinkle, and keep your face alive


Effectively resist external pollution, maintain skin PH value balance, enhance skin immunity

To sum up, the effective extraction and use of hydrolyzed silk protein can be said to be the high-end core technology in the field of high-end cosmetics.

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