Scutellaria Extract


Molecular formula:C21H18O11
Molecular weight:446.35
Test Method:HPLC
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:1000 tons
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO,HALAL,KOSHER etc

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Scutellaria extract is extracted from Scutellaria roots. It is a strong product of Xi’ an Sost Biological Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. Scutellaria is a flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family. It has different names including Chinese Skullcap, Huang Qin, Scutellaria baicalensis, Baicalin and the Hooded Willow Herb. It has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. In the past, the herb plant was used as a tonic for longevity and to promote a healthy heart and mind. Today, Baicalin extract is used as a powerful dietary supplement.

Scutellaria Extract

Health Benefits

1.Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral

Scutellaria baicalensis extract can promote the phagocytosis of macrophages and has an inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi.

2.Regulate immunity

Baicalin powder can enhance the body's immunity and prevent the invasion of cold viruses.

3.Whitening,sun protection and anti-Aging

Baicalin extract can not only absorb ultraviolet rays, but also have antioxidant effects, scavenge oxygen free radicals, and inhibit the formation of melanin.


Chinese Skullcap extract has the effect of reducing capillary permeability, inhibiting hyaluronidase, neutralizing released histamine, and preventing allergies.




Regulate immunity



prevent allergy



1. It is used in the pharmaceutical field.

It is used as a raw material for heat-clearing, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling drugs.

2.Applied in the field of cosmetics

Baicalin has anti-allergic properties and can be used in cosmetics to relieve itching and skin irritations.

Scutellaria baicalensis extract

3.Applied in the field of health care products.

It is used as an ingredient of health care products such as toothpaste which has a relieving effect on dental problems such as burning, swelling and pain, tooth sensitivity, bad breath, mouth sores, and bleeding gums.

Skullcap extract

4.Used in the field of feeding.

Studies have found that adding Baikal Scutellaria extract to chicken feed can help increase egg production, while adding it to pig feed can help promote appetite and increase feed intake.

As a scutellaria extract manufacturer with the history about 17 years, we not only have enough product in stock, but also offer personality after sale service. We can customize products according to customers' requirements. It is our consistent aim to make every customer have a pleasant shopping experience.



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