Silymarin Powder


Specification:Silymarin 40%, Silybin 80%, Silybin 98%
Test method:HPLC,UV
Cas no:84604-20-6
Payment method:T/T
Annual supply capacity:1000 tons
Delivery time:Within 3 working days
Certificates:ISO, HALAL, KOSHER etc.

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Silymarin powder is the extract which is obtained from the seeds of milk thistle. Silymarin, one of the active ingredients of the milk thistle seeds extract, is a group of compounds said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. The product is of well known benefits of helping protect the liver.

Milk Thistle Extract powder


Silybin is the main active ingredient in silymarin.

Product Name




Milk Thistle Extract

Silymarin 40%

Milk Thistle seed Extract powder

silymarin solubility

Silymarin 80%


Insoluble in water

Silybin 98%


Insoluble in water


1. Liver protection

Several scientific studies have shown that it not only protects the liver from toxins, but also helps the liver repair itself by growing new cells.

2. Anti-aging, anti-tumor

It has strong antioxidant properties, can scavenge free radicals, prevent reactive oxygen species from damaging DNA, delay aging, and prevent tumors.

3. Benefits for the gallbladder

It can promote bile secretion.

4. Anti-cardiovascular disease

Studies have shown that it can improve the body's ability to fight LDL, reducing the chance of heart disease by lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol levels.

5. Protects against cerebral ischemic injury

Studies have shown that it can improve the body's antioxidant capacity and has a significant protective effect on cerebral ischemia damage.

6. Improve diabetes

It helps increase insulin resistance and lower blood sugar.


It can be used in medicine, health care products and cosmetics.



Health care product

Health care product



Silymarin powder is one of the strongest products of Xi’ An Sost Biological Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. As a milk thistle extract manufacturer, we has the product of different specification for sale. We can customize products according to customers' requirements. It is our consistent aim to make every customer have a pleasant shopping experience.



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