Why Is Soy Protein Effective In Improving Obesity

Aug 04, 2021

In modern life, people pay more and more attention to their weight and health. Scientific research shows that when the body has less muscle and higher fat content, even if the body weight is normal, it will still increase the risk of early death. This invisible obesity is called normal weight obesity (NWO). According to statistics, about 30 million Americans suffer from NWO, with a global prevalence ranging from 4.5% to 22%. This symptom has greatly increased cardiac metabolic diseases and mortality.

There are many factors leading to obesity, the main way is to control your diet and protein intake. There are many kinds of protein, mainly animal and plant protein. Soy protein is the only known plant protein that contains nine amino acids and no cholesterol. According to FDA, soya bean protein can reduce blood lipid, serum and cholesterol, and have a positive effect on weight loss. Meanwhile, soybean protein can affect the absorption of fat and promote weight loss.

In summary, by eating high soy foods (such as Soybean Extract Powder, pea protein powder) can control the intake of calories and our body composition.


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