What Are The Pharmacological Effects Of Shikimic Acid

Sep 07, 2021

Production Introduction

Shikimic acid is a monomer compound extracted from star anise, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and can also be used as an intermediate of antiviral and anticancer drugs.

Shikimic Acid Powder

1. Effects on cardiovascular system

It is the first time that shikimic can inhibit arteriovenous thrombosis and cerebral thrombosis in the pharmacological laboratory of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. We investigated the effects of shikimic acid on platelet aggregation and coagulation, and analyzed its mechanism in relation to arachidonic acid metabolism. The results suggest that shikimic acid may exert antithrombotic effect by affecting arachidonic acid metabolism, inhibiting platelet aggregation and inhibiting coagulation system.


2. Anti-bacterial and anti-tumor effects

It was reported in 1987 that Japanese scholars found that a compound of shikimic acid could significantly inhibit HeLacells and Ehrlichascitescarcinoma, and prolong the survival time of mice inoculated with leukemia cell L1210. The inhibition was mainly due to the reaction of shikimic acid compound with thihydride.

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What Are The Pharmacological Effects Of Shikimic Acid

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