What Are The Health Benefits Of Resveratrol

Oct 18, 2021

What is resveratrol

Resveratrol, known chemically as trihydroxy astragalus, it is a non-flavonoid polyphenol compound. In plants, resveratrol is an autoprotective factor produced when plants are stimulated; And resveratrol is naturally found in a variety of foods, such as blueberries, peanuts, mulberries and grapes wine.

Health value of resveratrol

Anti-aging activity

 Resveratrol may slow aging by activating sirtuin

Anti-inflammatory activity

Resveratrol can regulate pro-inflammatory factors, anti-inflammatory factors and chemokines to reduce inflammation.


Resveratrol regulates cellular and humoral immunity to reduce the replication and survival of pathogens

Cerebrovascular disease

Resveratrol can reduce blood viscosity, restore vascular elasticity, inhibit platelet coagulation and dilate blood vessels, effectively reduce blood lipid attachment, prevent thrombosis, improve atherosclerosis, and then prevent cerebrovascular diseases.


Resveratrol can effectively regulate glucose metabolism by regulating SIRT1 /NF-κB/ AMPK signaling pathway and sRNA expression, reducing the risk of diabetes complications and restoring normal body function.


Resveratrol can prevent the adhesion, migration and invasion of cancer cells by reducing glycolysis, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of cancer cells, promoting anti-tumor immune responses and regulating the expression of relevant molecules and genes through various signaling pathways.


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