Can Elderberry Extract Prevent COVID-19

Oct 19, 2021

elderberry extract

Elderberries have been used for thousands of years to treat colds and coughs, and europeans hailed them as an immune shield. Can the popular elderberry products in Europe prevent COVID-19?

Researchers at Russia's Baltic Federal University and Komerovsky State University have found that among medicinal plants in Siberia and the Far East, elderberry extract is effective in preventing and treating coronavirus infection.

It was found that black elderberry extract had resistance to influenza virus and respiratory bacterial pathogens in vitro. There is also evidence that elderbush inhibits the replication and attachment of human coronavirus NL63 (HCOV-NL63), which is also a coronavirus, although distinct from COVID-19. Western elderberry extract is effective in preventing coronavirus infection.

While elderberry extract is effective in treating the coronavirus, it is important to maintain your body's immunity and take precautions during an outbreak, including improving nutrition and staying positive.

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