What Are Astaxanthin Good For

Aug 31, 2020


What Are Astaxanthin Good For

Product Name:Astaxanthin Powder

Appearance:Dark Red Powder

Specification:Astaxanthin powder 1%~10% natural and synthectic
Certificate:FDA/EU Organic/ISO/Kosher/Halal

When we speak of astaxanthin,it can be used in different fields, such as cosmetic,healthcare,food,medicine, and other fields. Let me introduce the benefits of astaxanthin in the field of medicine:

1.Astaxanthin can relieve fatigue and enhance body metabolism.

2.Astaxanthin can prevent cardiovascular disease and enhance immunity.

3.Astaxanthin can pass the blood-brain barrier, protect the nervous system, and effectively treat nervous system damage.

4.Astaxanthin can protect eyes and prevent oxidation of the retina and damage to photoreceptor cells, it has a good effect in improving retinal function.

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