Where Is Resveratrol Derived From

Aug 28, 2020


Where Is Resveratrol Derived From

Resveratrol is a natural phenol and a plant antitoxin. It is produced when several plants are injured or attacked by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. Food sources of resveratrol includepolygonum cuspidatum and grape peels.The extraction of resveratrol is mainly divided into natural extraction and synthesis.

Natural resveratrol is mainly extracted from polygonum cuspidatum and grape peel. Because the purity is different, it shows different color.

Resveratrol extracted from polygonum cuspidatum ,high-purity resveratrol is off-white powder, while low-purity is brown and light yellow brown.Resveratrol extracted from grape peel, purity is only 5% and appearance is a red powder.Synthetic resveratrol has purity of 98% and appearance is off-white. Different purity resveratrol test methods are HPLC.

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