The Differences between Natural Astaxanthin & Synthetic astaxanthin

Oct 10, 2016

The Differences between Natural Astaxanthin & Synthetic astaxanthin

There are two ways to produce Astaxanthin: synthetic and Natural. Synthetic astaxanthin is usually extracted from carotene and it is mainly used for fish and livestock feed additives. Of course there is something with other methods: extracted from Crayfish waste and fermentation with specific strains. However Natural Astaxanthin is extracted from  haematococcus pluvialis. There are many differences in Structure , function , application and security between Synthetic astaxanthin and Natural Astaxanthin.

1. The Difference in Structure

There are 3 allotroics of Astaxanthin: 3s-3′s、3r-3′s、3r-3′r. The Synthetic astaxanthin is a mixture of these three allotroics (3s-3′s 25%, 3r-3′s 25%, 3r-3′r 50%), antioxidant activity is so small. The astaxanthin from Yeast is 100% 3r-3′r, antioxidant activity is common. These two sources of astaxanthin are mainly used as colorant in non food-producing animals and materials. Only the Natural astaxanthin extracted from haematococcus pluvialis is 100% 3s-3′sstructure, It has the strongest biological activity, used as a health food, top-grade cosmetics.

2. The Difference in Function

The Stability and antioxidant activity of Synthetic astaxanthin is not better than Natural Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin hydroxyl (oh) - at the ends of the molecule can be esterification lead to its stability, Natural Astaxanthin exists in the form of esterification more than 90%, therefore the stability is pretty good. Synthesis of Astaxanthin exists in the form of free, so the stability is different. Synthetic astaxanthin only have a quarter of the 3s-3′s structure, so its anti-oxidation activity only have a quarter of the Natural Astaxanthin.

3. The Difference in Effect

Biological absorption effect of Synthetic astaxanthin is also no better than Natural Astaxanthin. When feeding concentration is low, Synthetic astaxanthin element in rainbow trout concentration significantly lower than Natural Astaxanthin in the blood, and cannot be converted to natural structure in the body. Its biological effect is much lower than Natural Astaxanthin at the same concentration.

4. The Difference in Safety

Chemicals will inevitably introduce impurities when using chemical method to synthesize astaxanthin , such as the natural by-product generated in synthetic process, etc., will reduce its creatures use safety.

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