New Products for Man Health

Oct 11, 2016

New Products for Man Health

In order to satisfy market needs, SOST company lunchs following men's health products:

Sheep testicular lyophilized powder, Freeze-dried Bullwhip powder, Freeze-dried placenta powder.

Freeze-dried placenta powder is extracted from pure natural placenta .It contains a variety of bioactive substances,which can  enhance the body's immune function,physical strength, and endurance.Freeze-dried placenta powder also has an effect on anti-aging . It is widely used in  pharmaceutical , cosmetics and health care industries.

Sheep testicular lyophilized powder is extracted from sheep testicular,which can improve sexual function,impotence and seminal emission,anti-fatigue.   

Bullwhip freeze-dried powder is made of cattle’s bullwhip who growth in NingXia municipality natural environment and processed by freeze-drying technology without any additive. Which is helpful to Men’s Health and strengthen the Women’s Beauty.

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