New Products-Freeze Dried Lemon Powder

Oct 13, 2016

New Products-Freeze Dried Lemon Powder

Under the vacuum state, using the sublimation principle, make the moisture in the frozen food directly into ice sublimation without the melting of the ice to make the food dry, which is called the vacuum freeze drying, hereinafter referred to as freeze-dried.

Freeze Dried Lemon Powder keep the lemon fresh,  color, aroma, taste and various bioactive ingredients, fragrance is as same as the new cut fresh fruit. Rich in a variety of vitamins: Vc and Vp, Ve, vitamin k, Va, Vb, inositol, citric acid, amino acid, protein, minerals and other 17 kinds of essential vitamins and trace elements, without any additives, is the best of tea drinking and cooking seasoning.

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