The Magical Efficacy of Honey and Cinnamon

Sep 29, 2016

The Magical Efficacy of Honey and Cinnamon

A mixture of honey and cinnamon can cure most of diseases without any side effects, scientists also accept this formula today. Honey is sweet, but the proper dose not do harm to patients with diabetes.

1. Arthritis

Add a spoonful of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to Lukewarm water, paint to skin where itch, the pain can be released within 15 minutes

2. Hair Loss

Those who suffer from hair loss or no hair can have a try that misture a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and Olive oil moisten before take shower.

3. Toothache

Painted your toothache with a spoonful of cinnamon powder and five big spoon honey in pasty, three times a day, until the tooth pain disappear.

4. Cholesterol

Add two spoon of honey and three spoonful of cinnamon to 16 ounces tea, drink for patients with cholesterol. The cholesterol in blood can be reduced 10%.

5. Immune System

Daily consumption of honey and cinnamon powder, can strengthen the immune system and protective bacteria and viruses. Scientists have found that honey has a lot of vitamins and iron, edible honey in a row, to enhance the white blood cells fight against bacteria and viruses.

6. Weight Loss

Drink a cup of water with honey and cinnamon powder in the morning and before sleep with empty stomach, even you eat foods with high calorie, the body fat will not accumulation.

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