Something About The Blue Lotus Extract

Sep 23, 2021

blue lotus

The origin of the blue lotus

Blue lotus also known as nymphaea coerulea flower,nymphaea lotus. It was grown by the Ancient Egyptian civilization, and had significance in their religion. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun was born from a lotus blossom, so the water lily was regarded as a "sacred flower", symbolizing the blessing of "only a beginning, will not be disillusioned".

Blue lotus extract application

At present, blue lotus extract is mainly used in cosmetics. The main role is to relieve anti-sensitivity, the risk coefficient is 1, relatively safe, can rest assured to use, generally has no impact on pregnant women, Egypt blue lotus extract has no acne-causing.

blue lotus

Blue lotus extract nutritive value

The nutrient composition analysis of blue lotus showed that is rich in 17 kinds of amino acids, and water lily protein belongs to high quality protein. The analysis results also showed bule lotus contains rich VC, flavonoid glucosides (whitening ingredients) and trace element zinc, which have strong lead discharge function. The experiment shows that is a kind of safe and reliable substance without any toxic side effect. Blue lotus pollen is rich in nutrition and has the characteristics of completeness, balance and concentration.Used as skin tonic, soothing and anti - sensitive.

blue lotus extract

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