How to add hyaluronic acid in cosmetics?(PART THREE)

Sep 15, 2017

How to add hyaluronic acid in cosmetics?(PART THREE)

How to add hyaluronic acid in cosmetics

The compatibility and compatibility of  hyaluronic acid with other components are very good and can be added to almost any water containing cosmetics. However, the following problems should be paid attention.

 (1) because of the different product characteristics, cosmetics are different on the hyaluronic acid Mr and content requirements. The higher the Mr, the better the membrane formation, but the permeability is relatively poor. The lower hyaluronic acid  membrane formation of Mr is relatively poor, but the permeability is obvious. Therefore, Mr of different hyaluronic acid should be chosen according to different needs.  

(2) the amount of hyaluronic acid in 0.1% ~ 0.5% range. Cleansing Cream, mask and other cosmetics mainly use the hyaluronic acid permeability, Mr should choose low dosage, generally about 0.1%.

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