How is hyaluronic acid used in cosmetics?(PART TWO)

Sep 15, 2017

How is hyaluronic acid used in cosmetics?(PART TWO)

hyaluronic acid

2.Prevent and repair skin damage

When the skin is exposed to sunlight, it causes light burns due to ultraviolet radiation.Such as skin turns red, black, peeling and so on. HA promotes epidermal cell proliferation and differentiation, scavenging of oxygen free radicals can promote skin regeneration in injured areas. Its mechanism of action and sunscreen is commonly used in uv absorber, thus has synergy, can also reduce uv transmission which caused by the ultraviolet radiation and repair skin damage, to achieve double protection. When the skin suffers minor burns, the surface smeared with HA's water agent can alleviate the pain and accelerate the healing of the injured area. The latest in vitro experiments show that HA has a good repair effect on the apoptosis of skin cells induced by ethanol.

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