how is aloe vera good for skin?

Sep 19, 2017

how is aloe vera good for skin?

Aloe vera gel:

1. regulate the secretion of sebum

Because aloe has the effect of astringent skin, so it can make smooth skin

2. UV protection

Aloe vera can make the synthesis of the skin melanin the enzyme inactive, so it can prevent the ultraviolet ray to affect the skin.

3. whitening effect of aloe vera

Aloe Vera contains that inhibit melanin production and have the effect of whitening the skin.

4, anti-inflammatory effect of aloe vera

Aloe has the effect of easing pain and clearing heat. It has a calming effect on the injured skin, and is especially helpful for the recovery of skin after sun exposure.

5. action of bactericidal

Because aloe also has antiseptic and detoxifying ingredients, this has certain curative effect to face acne and swollen scar.


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