How Much Do You Know About Arbutin?

Jan 19, 2017

How much do you know about arbutin?

 Arbutin, also known as arbutin or myricetin, is the first ingredient that derived from natural green plants. It is a collection of "green", "safe" and "efficient" One of the skin whitening active substances. It can quickly penetrate the skin, without affecting the proliferation of skin cells at the same time, effectively inhibit the skin tyrosinase activity, blocking the formation of melanin, tyrosinase through their own combination to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin , Thereby reducing skin pigmentation, eliminate pigmentation and freckles. It does not produce melanoma cells toxic, irritating, allergic side effects, as well as emollients, the more invasive, sterilization and synergistic anti-inflammatory effect. Is currently the most popular and safe and effective one of the whitening raw materials, but also the twenty-first century, the most competitive skin whitening freckle activator. Arbutin has a very high purity and excellent quality, almost no detection of dihydrobenzene, is so far the only able to achieve this standard arbutin products.



Arbutin can be divided into α-and β-type,both of them have inhibition of tyrosining enzyme to achieve the effect of whitening.At present,the majority of arbutin on market is β-arbutin, only  few α-arbutin manufacturers.When it comes to the price,α-arbutin is 8 times than  β-arbutin ,accordingly, the whitening effect is more than 15 times the β-arbutin. The biggest difference in physical properties is the optical rotation: α-arbutin is about 180 degrees, while the β-arbutin was -60 or so.

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