Anthocyanin Powerful Effect, I Was Shocked after Reading

Jan 20, 2017

Anthocyanin Powerful Effect, I Was Shocked after Reading

Oral Cosmetics
Anthocyanins is known as "oral skin cosmetics," in Europe,  to prevent skin wrinkles in the early generation, it can not only prevent the formation of skin wrinkles early, but also eliminate harmful free radicals and supply nutritional.


Anthocyanins are natural sun shades that prevent UV rays from attacking the skin. In the experiment found that the sun can kill 50% of human skin cells. But if protected with anthocyanins, about 85% of the skin cells can be spared.


Anthocyanin also has the role of anti-radiation, anthocyanin color varies due to different PH value, most of the anthocyanins have good light, heat, PH value of stability, for white-collar workers or long-term in the sun, The environment of the crowd, the efficacy of anthocyanins, but indispensable.


Prevent Cancer

Anthocyanins scavenging free radicals can also prevent the proliferation of cancer cells to protect more healthy cells from cancer cells.


Improve Vision

Clinical reports show blueberry anthocyanin can promote the regeneration of retinal cells in rhodopsin, can prevent severe myopia and retinal detachment, and can improve vision.


Improve Sleeping

Anthocyanin has strong antioxidant and anti-allergic function, can cross the blood-brain barrier, can protect the brain is not oxidized, can stabilize brain tissue function, protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins.



Alleviate pollen disease and other allergies, with the role of humoral immune regulation, improve allergies.


Prevention of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Anthocyanins can improve blood circulation, restore the loss of microvascular function, strengthen the fragile blood vessels, which is more flexible blood vessels. Proanthocyanidins are known as antidotes to atherosclerosis.

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