What You Need To Know About Chlorophyll?

Mar 01, 2022


We select high-quality mulberry leaves and spinach as raw materials, and finally get green or dark green chlorophyll through extraction, copper and refined salt.

Our products comply with national gb26406-2011 hygienic standard for the use of food additives, national drug standard ws-10001 - (hd-0414) - 2002 and usp35. As a result, our products is very popular to manufacturers. 


Feature and Specification

Chlorophyll is easily soluble in water and ethanol solution. The aqueous solution is transparent emerald green, which deepens with the increase of concentration. It has good light resistance, heat resistance and stability.


We provide Chlorophyll of 15% purity and 95% purity, and the color of Chlorophyll ranged from green to ink green according to different purity. Manufacturers can choose what purity they want from our factory and we can even design the products according to manufacturers requirements.

Nurritional Value


Chlorophyll is rich of nutrients, contains vitamin C, E and K1, calcium, potassium and magnesium and can protect health.

Chlorophyll also contains the fatty acids and antioxidants necessary for the human body, which is an important source of the vitamins.



Chlorophyll is widely used as food additives, cosmetic additives, food colorants, health products, etc. Such as canned green peas, fruit and vegetable juice, pulp drinks, carbonated drinks, prepared wine, ice cream, popsicles, jelly, make-up on cakes, biscuits, fructose.



Chlorophyll has the following functions:

  • Help maintain gastrointestinal health

  • Enhance the bodys immunity

  • Enhance metabolism and skin repair

  • Promote the root growth, nutrient growth and reproductive growth

  • Make crop yellow leaves slowly change green



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