What Natural Ingredients Can Protect Your Eyes

Oct 28, 2021

Overuse of eyes has become a normal situation for consumers, and eye health problems are getting more and more attention, which also promotes the market demand for eye protection products. It is estimated that the global market for eye health products will be worth more than 2.55 billion euros by 2024. What natural eye care ingredients are available in this huge market?

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Lutein is the main component of eye care products on the market, which has a preventive effect on age-related macular disease. When lacking, it is easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision, and then show symptoms such as vision degeneration.In addition to preventing AMD, lutein can also prevent cataracts and protect eyes from uv rays.


Proanthocyanidins can protect the microvessels of the eye, promote the blood circulation of the eye, improve the sensitivity of the retina to light, enhance the night vision and adapt vision to the environment in low light conditions.The main extraction sources of procyanidins were grape seed extract, pine bark extract and apple peel extract.


Capsaicin is mainly aimed at adults whose vision is affected by aging.In addition to increasing MPOD, it helps reduce IOP and improve light stress recovery time to reduce eye fatigue, while mitigating the negative effects of blue and white light on the eye. Compared with lutein, capsaicin has a more comprehensive eye protection effect.



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