What are the extraction methods of plant extract 2

Oct 27, 2021

Plant extract is the carrier of modern plant medicine science and technology and the main raw material of plant medicine preparation. At present, the common extraction methods of plant extracts include solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction and enzyme extraction.


Microwave assistedextraction is using microwave can improve the efficiency of extraction of a kind of new technology. Microwave-assisted extraction is a method of selective extraction of target components from materials by using the characteristics of microwave heating. By adjusting the parameters of microwave, the target components can be heated effectively, which is conducive to the extraction and separation of target components


Enzyme extraction method is a method of using cellulase pectinase protease to destroy the cell wall of plants, so as to promote the maximum dissolution of plant effective components. In the extraction process of enzyme extraction, the selection of enzyme, enzyme concentration, pH value, enzymolysis temperature and enzymolysis time all affect the extraction rate of plant extracts.

Plant prowder production process

powder extract

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