What Is Luteolin Found In

Dec 19, 2019

What Is Luteolin Found In

Product Name: Luteolin Powder

Appreance: Yellow Microcrystalline Powder

CAS No.: 491-70-3

Test Method: HPLC

Luteolin is a flavone,a type of flavonoid. Luteolin is a yellow crystalline powder, extracted from the plant Reseda luteola. Luteolin is widely distributed in nature, it`s mainly found in leaves,rinds, barks, clover blossom, and ragweed pollen. It has also been isolated from the aromatic flowering plant, Salvia tomentosa in the mint family, Lamiaceae.

Most we are curious about where can we get luteolin from our dietary sources. Here they are celery, broccoli, green pepper, parsley, thyme, dandelion, perilla, chamomile tea, carrots, olive oil, peppermint, rosemary, navel oranges, and oregano etc,.

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