What Is Apigenin

Dec 25, 2020


Apigenin is a biological flavonoid compound (especially a flavonoid) found in a variety of plants and herbs. It is abundant in chamomile.Preliminary studies have found that apigenin has potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer properties.

Cancer Prevention

Apigenin is also a very effective anti-cancer compound. It is highly selective to cancer cells and can selectively induce apoptosis of cancer cells without damaging normal cells.

Relieve Anxiety

It can play a role in reducing anxiety. At higher doses, it may have a sedative effect.

 Liver Protection 

Apigenin can reduce oxidative stress, induce cell cycle inhibition, increase the efficacy of liver detoxification enzymes.


Apigenin and glucoside pyranoid of apigenin play an anti-diabetic role in the body.


Apigenin inhibits NO synthase and COX2 enzyme in macrophages, and exerts its anti-inflammatory effect through the influence of lipopolysaccharide.

Apigenin function

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