What Does Retinoic Acid Do For Skin?

Nov 05, 2019

What Does Retinoic Acid Do For Skin?

Retinoic acid is a metabolic intermediate of vitamin A, which mainly affects bone growth and epithelial metabolism. By regulating mitosis of epidermal cells and renewal of epidermal cells, normal keratinization can be promoted, epithelial metabolism can be affected, growth of epithelial keratinocytes and cuticle shedding can be significantly promoted, existing acne can be removed, and new acne can be inhibited at the same time. Retinoic acid can prevent the plug keratin plug, the synthesis of diagonal protein has an inhibitory effect.


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Retinoic acid It's good for skin:

1. Promote skin metabolism, improve rough and dry skin, and make gray skin look shiny.

2. Improve the cuticle tissue, enhance the elasticity and transparency of the skin, and make the skin look soft, white and healthier.

3. Remove dirt accumulated in pores, shrink pores and have antibacterial effect. Different skin USES the feeling after the protection that contains vitamin A acid to support article is different also.

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