What Does Lutein Help To Protect Eyesight

Nov 24, 2021

Lutein, a carotenoid found naturally in fruits and vegetables, is a great antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage.


The effects of lutein on the eyes

Protect the retina

It is a good antioxidant, which can prevent the retina from being damaged by oxidation when absorbing light.And can protect the eye microvascular, maintain good blood circulation.

Glaucoma prevention

It can reduce the oxidation intensity of eyeball protein, the higher the intake, the lower the incidence of glaucoma

Reduce macular degeneration and lesions

Macular lesions are the main cause of blindness in the elderly. It has been shown to improve vision in elderly patients with degenerative macular disease.

Prevent sequela of high myopia

High myopia is easy to produce retinal detachment, water, floaters, etc., and even lead to permanent blindness. Adding enough it can make the eyes have enough nutrition, which can reduce the occurrence of lesions.

Delay the occurrence of cataract

It is the only carotenoid present in crystal, which can improve the antioxidant capacity of crystal, resist the damage of sunlight and free radicals, delay or prevent the occurrence of cataract

Improve vision clarity

It filters and absorbs blue light from the outside and helps protect against UV rays


How much lutein to take each day is scientific

The Chinese Nutrition Association points out in the "Chinese Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake" that the specific recommended value of it is 10mg per day, and the maximum tolerable intake is 40mg. However, many countries and regions of the world have low levels of fruit and vegetable intake in their diets. Studies have shown that because It rich fruits and vegetables are harvested in the spring, consumption is often higher in the spring than in the rest of the year, but even then it is well below recommended levels.Therefore, additional supplementation of it is particularly important.

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