What Are The Food Diamonds In Spirulina

Nov 22, 2021

NATURAL blue pigment phycocyanin

Blue Spirulina Powder is an intracellular protein, which is extracted from spirulina. It is separated by crushing spirulina cells and precipitate, and is called phycocyanin because it shows blue color after extraction.  phycocyanin Powder is a natural edible harmless pigment. It is the only sky-blue pigment permitted by THE FDA of the United States, and its use is not restricted by the FDA and the European Union, so it can be safely consumed.

Phycocyanin nutritional value

Phycocyanin is not only a natural pigment. It is rich in protein, including eight essential amino acids, which is a good protein supplement. In recent years, more and more scientists have discovered the nutritional value of  phycocyanin, so it has been praised as "the most ideal food of the 21st century". As an extract of spirulina, phycocyanin also has rich nutritional value. So phycocyanin is known as a food diamond.

Natural Blue Spirulina Powder

Phycocyanin benefits

25Phycocyanin can improve lymphocyte activity, improve immunity through lymphatic system, and enhance the ability of disease prevention and disease resistance.

25Phycocyanin can improve anemia. Phycocyanin forms a soluble compound with iron that increases iron absorption in the body.

25Phycocyanin also has antioxidant properties, cleaning up a range of toxic free radicals including superoxide and hydroperoxide groups, thus making it good for fighting oxidative stress, fatigue or insomnia.

Natural pigment phycocyanin market

The rise of "clean labels" has driven the rapid development of natural pigments as consumers seek natural foods.The global natural food colouring market is estimated to be $3.88 billion in 2018 and will grow at a CAGR of 5.7% to $5.12 billion by 2023, according to Markets and Markets. Natural food colors offer food processors more options than synthetic food colors, and many artificial color suppliers are turning to natural color development programs.


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