What do you know about pu 'er tea?

Sep 25, 2017

What do you know about pu 'er tea?

Pu 'er tea is originated from the southern yunnan and western yunnan lancang river valley, which is made from the fresh leaves of the big leaves in yunnan province. Or yunnan large leaf tea as the raw material, after the artificial fermentation process of the pu 'er tea and pu 'er tea


What are the functions and functions of pu 'er tea?

Pu 'er tea has a lot of functions, reducing fat, reducing weight, beautifying beauty, decanting wine, anti-aging anti-radiation, protecting teeth, Ming eyes, stomach and stomach, etc.


At present, there are two types of Pu 'er instant tea ,pure flavor instant tea and flavoring instant tea

Pure flavor instant tea is a quick soluble powder or granule of tea, which is processed by extraction, filtration, concentration and drying of tea

Flavoring instant tea is a pure flavor instant tea as the main raw material. It is processed by flavoring, mixing and processing, instant powder or granule

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