What are the extraction methods of plant extract 1

Oct 25, 2021

Plant extract is the carrier of modern plant medicine science and technology and the main raw material of plant medicine preparation. At present, the common extraction methods of plant extracts include solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction and enzyme extraction.

Solvent extraction

Solvent extraction method is to use solvent to extract effective ingredients from solid raw materials, the solvent used must have the characteristics of mutual solubility with the extracted solute. After the plant material is crushed, it can be extracted by impregnation, percolation, decocting, reflux and continuous extraction in a suitable container with several times the amount of solvent.

Ultrasonic extraction

Ultrasonic extraction uses the strong vibration and cavitation effect produced by ultrasonic to accelerate the release and diffusion of substances in plant cells and dissolve them into the solvent, while keeping the structure and biological activity of extracted substances unchanged. Compared with conventional solvent extraction, ultrasonic extraction can shorten extraction greatly, consume less solvent and have higher extraction rate for most components, so it has higher extraction efficiency.

  • Plant extract production process

Plant extract production process

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