The study of ​traditional Chinese medicine

Oct 12, 2017

The study of traditional Chinese medicine

The research on traditional Chinese medicine mainly focuses on volatile oils, organic acids, flavonoids and alkaloids in the world.

Taxol and analogs

Angelica Extract Angelica Sinensis

Camptothecin(CPT) and its derivatives

 Angelica Extract Angelica Sinensis

Vinca Alkaloids



Vinca Alkaloids.png




 Angelica Extract Angelica Sinensis

1. Effects on the central nervous system

In short, a lot of cold medicine can inhibit the central anticonvulsant, antipyretic and analgesic. Warm medicine have central excitatory effect such as ephedra, musk and so on

2.Effects on endocrine system function

Warm medical can make the thyroid, adrenal and ovarian endocrine system function enhancement, and cold medicine makes these endocrine system function is inhibited.


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