The safety of water soluble pearl powder

Oct 17, 2017

The safety of water soluble pearl powder

Objective: to observe the safety of water soluble pearl powder

Methods and results: the maximal tolerance dose was used in acute toxicity test. The male and female mice were orally injected with MTD>10.0g/kgBw, which belonged to the actual non-toxic grade.

The sperm abnormality rates of the 3 dose groups were 1.92%, 2.02% and 2.06% respectively, and there was no significant difference compared with the negative control group (P>005);

In the 30 day feeding test results showed that compared with the control group, the water soluble pearl powder 3 dose group rats general condition, body weight, food utilization rate, hematology, blood biochemistry, viscera and histopathological examination showed no abnormality.

Conclusion: water soluble pearl powder belongs to the actual non-toxic grade, and no genetic toxicity. It is safe to take it for a long time.



Pearl powder is a cosmetic active ingredient. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Has been shown to improve the appearance of aged skin. Has skin-lightening effect

Pearl powder is one of the most precious dietary supplements from the Orient, while pearls are usually thought of in the Western world as a jewel to be worn, not eaten. But in the Orient, finely ground pearl powder has been used as a dietary supplement for thousands of years, especially by the wealthy. It has many physiological actions beneficial to humans.

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