Research status and progress of chlorophyll in food industry

Oct 19, 2017

Research status and progress of chlorophyll in food industry

Chlorophyll is a kind of natural, safe, non-toxic and have certain physiological function of fat-soluble natural pigment, insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents, is the planet's most widely distributed natural pigments, mainly exist in one of green plants, in plant or microbial photosynthesis plays an important role. Chlorophyll structure and human and most animals blood red pigment structure were extremely similar, easy be absorbed by human body. In advocate healthy today, chlorophyll this food stuff is being excavated, widely used in medicine and food.


Chlorophyll is mainly used as food green pigment and deodorant, and is widely used in cakes, drinks, gum gum, jelly, ice cream and other foods. Because of the food industry in the chlorophyll is extracted from natural plants, high safety, FAO/WHO (1994) without restrictions on the value of ADI, but the chlorophyll and chlorophyll copper sodium and sodium chlorophyll ADI value is 0~15mg/kg. In recent years, with the development of chlorophyll physiological function research, the development of chlorophyll based functional foods has potential value and Prospect.


The United States, for example, has been officially approved by the government authorities to allow the extraction of natural pigment food raw materials up to now has reached 31 kinds. Some of the natural pigment raw materials with high frequency: the skins of red grapes, grapefruit juice, green vegetable juice (such as Celery Juice and spinach juice), carotene (natural or synthetic products from seaweed 2), calendula, saffron, Jiang Huang, carrot, black currant and blueberry. In recent years, lycopene, astaxanthin and other varieties have been added. Adding natural pigment in food and beverage can not only make the appearance and luster of the product gorgeous, but also improve people's appetite and desire to buy.

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