SOST Supply Good Performance Tea Tree Seeds Extract Saponion 500 Tons Per Month.

Dec 16, 2021

1. Brief Introduction:


Tea saponin is a type of glycoside compound extracted from tea tree seeds. It is a natural surfactant with good performance. It can be widely used in feed, aquaculture, pesticides and other fields.


2. Technical indicators :


Appearance: light yellow powder

Active matter content: ≥60%

Foaming power: 160~190mm

Water solubility; dark brown, no insoluble matter

pH: 5.0~6.5

Surface tension: 32.86 mN/m3


3. Application field and efficacy :


1) Feed field

2) Aquaculture field

3) Pesticide field


4.Large Quantity in Stock


We export to Ecuador, Peru, Colombia etc South American countries more than 500 tons monthly.


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