Can Arbutin Really Whiten Skin

Dec 08, 2021

In recent years, many skin care products have launched whitening products containing arbutin. Why is arbutin such a hot ingredient in the cosmetics industry and what exactly does it do?

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Arbutin is a glycoside compound derived from the leaves of the bear fruit.Arbutin is divided into α -arbutin, β -arbutin and deoxyarbutin.

25α -arbutin: water soluble, high safety, whitening effect is more than 10 times of β -arbutin, the price is about 8 times of β -arbutin.

25β -arbutin: we often say that the common arbutin refers to β -arbutin, can be extracted by adding plants can also be artificially synthesized, the price is relatively cheap.

25Deoxyarbutin: after deoxyarbutin has better lipid solubility and permeability, anti-melanin effect is also good.But the stability is not good, in the water solution is sensitive to light and heat, will decompose into hydroquinone, safety is not high, plus the price is expensive, generally will not be used in skin care products in China.


The function of arbutin:

Nourish skin: Arbutin can be used in the production of a variety of cosmetics. Skin care products made from arbutin can supplement rich nutrition for human skin after application, accelerate the regeneration and metabolism of skin cells, and play an important role in nourishing tender skin.

skin whitening : whitening pale spot is one of the important role of arbutin, it contains casein amino acid can accelerate the melanin metabolism in human skin, and can prevent the formation of melanin in the human body, reduce the accumulation of pigment in the skin, often use joined the arbutin cosmetics, can rise to fade melanin, whiten skin.


Safe use range

SCCS considers it safe to add up to 2% α -arbutin in creams and 0.5% in the body, and 7% β -arbutin in creams (hydroquinone less than 0.0001%).

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