Is Bovine Collagen Good For You?

May 16, 2019


Is Bovine Collagen Good For You?

Bovine collagen, which is made of the skin, bones, and muscles of cows, Bovine collagen is also a rich source of proline and glycine. It`s excellent for maintaining bone and gut health and healing wounds, as well as promoting strong joints.

Marine, or fish, collagen is sourced from discarded fish bones and scales. it is also rich in proline, and glycine. However, studies have shown that fish collagen peptides are smaller, giving them superior bioavailability and digestibility. Fish collagen may prove to be one of the best types to take, especially if you follow a high-antioxidant Paleo diet.

Health Benefits and Uses of Bovine Collagen

1. Reduced Joint Pain: From common joint pain to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, bovine collagen stimulates cartilage production, which can cushion joints and reduce joint pain.

2. Improved Gut Health: Collagen can reduce symptoms of “leaky gut” by helping your body to repair microscopic holes in the gut lining.

3. Better Recovery: The amino acids in collagen can help speed athletic recovery when taken after a workout.

4. Increased Strength: Collagen can make the recycling of ATP (the energy currency in your cells) more efficient, which helps increase muscular strength and power.

Health Benefits and Uses of Marine Collagen

1. Fewer Wrinkles: Marine collagen rebuilds tissues to increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Reduced Signs of Aging: Marine collagen is rich in antioxidants, which block free radicals and protect skin from oxidation and aging.

3. Healthier Skin: Marine collagen has been scientifically proven to help increase skin moisture levels and help protect against the harmful effects of UV exposure and photoaging.


1. Nutricosmetics: skin health is the cornerstone of the “Beauty from Within” movement.

2. Cosmetics: collagen peptides products for topical personal care applications.

3. Food Bars: collagen peptides improve texture in hi-protein formulations.

4. Beverages: dry-mix and ready-to-drink beverages are an ideal platform for collagen peptides.

5. High-Protein Foods: little impact on food texture, with improved texture found in protein bars.

6. Sports Nutrition: stable protein in readyto-drink formulas with minimal impact on overall flavor profile.

7. Tablets: the powders can be used in direct compression applications.

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