Fruit and Vegetable Powder Manufacturer-Xi an Sost Biotech Co.,Ltd.

May 23, 2019


Fruit and Vegetable Powder Manufacturer-Xi an Sost Biotech Co.,Ltd.

SOST Biotech supply all kinds of Fruits & Vegetables Powder, and our products are approved by USDA Organic/EU Organic/FDA/ISO/Kosher/Halal Authority certification. Factory direct sales, a large quantity favorably. Quality is a absolutely guaranteed. Because every step of the production process is monitored strictly to ensure our quality. Once ordered, we will arrange packing within 24 hours, delivery time with 7-12 days.

What`s more, we accept customized service, Contact us now.

Apple powder

Red dragon fruit powder

Goji/Goji juice powder

Strawberry powder

Peach powder

Pineapple powder

Orange powder

Hami melon powder

Grape powder

Mango powder

Sour plum powder

Hawthorn powder

Blueberry powder

Lemon powder

Banana powder

Papaya powder

Blackcurrant powder

Coconut powder

Lychee powder

Jujube powder

Chinese date powder

Pear powder      

Dioscorea alata powder

Kiwi powder

Mulberry powder

Guava powder

Almond powder

Grapefruit powder

Cherry powder

Longan powder     

Passionflower powder

Cranberry powder

Tomato powder   

Sea buckthorn powder

Noni powder

Water melon powder

Langsat powder

Fig powder

Yacon powder

Pomegranate/pomegranate juice powder

Chinese chestnut powder

Purple yam powder

Konjak powder and so on.

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