China glutathione for skin whitening factory

Nov 01, 2017

China glutathione for skin whitening factory

Traditional skin whitening agents often use chemical substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, mercury chloride, mercury and various phenolic derivatives, these compounds can quickly collapse melanin tissue, to achieve fast whitening effect. However, due to safety problems, it has been banned in cosmetics in many countries. In recent years, people use a variety of natural and synthetic substances such as whitening skin, arbutin, kojic acid and its derivatives, vitamin C and its derivatives, acid and plant extract etc.. Tyrosinase inhibitors, which are effective and non-toxic to humans, have become the trend of pharmaceutical and cosmetic research.

China glutathione for skin whitening factory

Tyrosinase inhibition rate is an important indicator to evaluate the whitening effect of some whitening agents. The higher the inhibition rate is, the better the whitening effect is. The inhibitory effect of chitosan, chitosan oligosaccharide and glutathione on tyrosinase activity was investigated:

(1) chitosan, chitosan and glutathione had obvious inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity, among which glutathione had the best inhibitory effect, and its inhibition rate could reach more than 80% when the mass fraction was 11%.

(2) the chitosan and glutathione were combined with arbutin, whitening agent can reduce the dosage, reduce the cost, but also can make the inhibition rate reached more than 90%

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China glutathione for skin whitening factory

China glutathione for skin whitening factory

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