Amazing Chinese plants— Chinese wolfberry extract

Sep 22, 2017

Amazing Chinese plants— Chinese wolfberry extract

In Chinese history, Chinese wolfberry(another name Goji Berry) can be used as medicinal materials and can be used as food, it’s a famous Chinese medicinal herbs, as early as in the "Shen Nong's herbal classic" was listed as the top grade, Chinese wolfberries contain a variety of amino acids and contain special nutrients such as betaine, maize, and lycopene, which have great health benefits.

chinese wolfberrychinese wolfberry

Functions of the chinese wolfberry:

1.Maintain healthy blood pressure;

2.Support eye health and improve your vision;

3.Support healthy liver function;

4.Support normal kidney function;

5.Maintain healthy blood pressure;

6.Reduce cholesterol;

7.Make you feel and look younger;

8. Increase calcium absorption.

9.Fruit,stems and leaves can lowers blood sugar;

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