Jan 03, 2017

Why Is Kiwi Fruit So Popular Nowadays?

Kiwi indeed has a lot of benefits,especially for women.kiwi fruit is a "beauty of St. fruit", with spot removal, detoxification, beauty, anti-aging and so on.

Kiwi is the most abundant fruit with vitamin C, so eat kiwi can play the role of whitening imperceptibly.

Moreover, the kiwi topical cosmetic effect is not bad. After washing the face, peeled kiwi even after smearing the face and massage, to improve the pores have a significant effect.

Kiwi fruit contains a lot of acid, acid can inhibit keratinocyte cohesion and melanin precipitation, effectively eliminate or dilute the dark spots, improve dry or oily skin tissue also has significant effect.

For the beauty of the lady, kiwi is the most appropriate weight loss food, because although it is nutritious but very low calorie, its unique dietary fiber can not only promote digestion and absorption, can also produce satiety.

Therefore, kiwi fruit is the best choice for weight loss and balanced nutrition.

However, kiwi cold, so should not eat, especially the spleen and stomach Deficiency should be Shensi, diarrhea should not eat.

In addition, because kiwifruit vitamin C content is high, easy and dairy products in the coagulation of the protein into a block, not only affect digestion and absorption, but also people with abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and therefore do not immediately after eating kiwi milk or other milk Products.

kiwi fruit powder, since it is easy to carry, without being limited by season, is now more and more popular by people.


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