Which herbal extract can help your kidney ?

Dec 26, 2016

Which herbal extract can help your kidney ? 

1.Goji Extract Powder

Chinese wolfberry is a kind of nourishing health food .  

Wolfberry extract, TCM believes that it can nourish liver and kidney, benefit to eye and blood, enhancing immune function. Chinese wolfberry is rich in carotene and vitamins, they are able to prevent of heart disease and cancer.

2.Chinese Yam Extract Powder

Yam is food medicine. Not only can be made into health food, but also has the medicinal value of conditioning disease .

Yam extract is advantageous to the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function , nourishing kidney , lowering blood sugar .  


3.Mulberry Extract Powder

Mulberry is also known as "folk holy fruit" , rich in protein, anthocyanin, niacin and a variety of vitamins and other nutrients .

Mulberry extract with function of nourishing liver and kidney , skin care , anti-cancer , improving eyesight etc. . 

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