Where to Buy Blueberry Powder

May 20, 2020

Where to Buy Blueberry Powder

Blueberry Juice Powder is made from natural blueberry juice,It`s easy to dissolve into water, and the flavor of blueberry juice is great. Because of its unbeatable flavor, blueberry juice widely be added to baked goods as a unique ingredient to add fruity, blueberry flavor.

Add to raw desserts, yogurt, drinks, smoothies, baked goods, and much more. whichever from color and flavor, our blueberry juice powder really excellent.

Product Name: Blueberry Juice Powder1-1PF31JF2A1

Speicification: 80 Mesh

Application: food additives, drinks, healthcare grade, 

Product Name: Blueberry Extract 

Used Part: Fruit

Active Ingredients: Anthocyanin 

Speicification: 5%~25%,10:1; 20:1


1. can be used in pharmaceutical field.

2. can be used in cosmetic industry

3. can be added in Coffee or made acai berry capsule for lose weight and keep slim.

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