What Is Shikimic Acid

Feb 24, 2021

what is shikimic acid

Shikimic acid is found in the dried ripe fruit of the star anise (Illicium verum Hook. F.) of the Magnolia family. It is needed to make Tamiflu (oseltamivir), a common flu medication.  Anise is an evergreen tree growing in moist, warm and semi-shady environment, up to 20 meters in height. Mainly distributed in southern China. In addition to plants, shikimic acid is also widely present in microorganisms, and shikimic acid can also be extracted through microbial fermentation.


1. It can inhibit platelet aggregation, venous thrombosis, and cerebral thrombosis.

2. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

3. It can be antibacterial and anti-tumor.

4. It can be used as an intermediate of antiviral and anticancer drugs.

5. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-viral and anti-cancer agents.

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