What Is Freeze Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

Aug 24, 2020


What Is Freeze Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

Product Name: Freeze Dried Strawberry Fruit Powder

Part of Use: Fruit

Appearance: Red Powder
Stock: In stock

Product Name:Spray Dried Strawberry Powder

Part of Use:Fruit
Appearance:Pink Powder
Stock:In stock

Strawberry is a red fruit with a heart-like appearance. The flesh is juicy, sweet and sour, and has a special fruit aroma. Because strawberries are delicious and rich in vitamin C, malic acid, carotene, etc.,they not only help digestion but also protect eyesight, they are known as the "Queen of Fruits."

Freeze dried strawberry powder is a natural and safe coloring agent and flavoring agent, and the powder does not contain artificial ingredients, flavoring or coloring, and does not contain saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol made from 100% natural strawberries. People often add it to the diet to get have high nutritional value.

If you want to know more about the difference between freeze dried strawberry powder and spray dried strawberry powder, please pay more attention to our updates.

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