What Are The Benefits Of Oyster Extract

Nov 01, 2021

Oysters, commonly known as Raw oysters are the largest cultured shellfish in the world. They are rich in protein, vitamins, taurine and other trace elements, and are a kind of Marine mollusk with high nutritional value.

The benefits of oyster extract

25Enhance male sexual function

Oyster peptide contains a large amount of arginine, taurine and trace elements are the main components of sperm production, and taurine can assist to improve human reproductive function and nerve function, keep the body vigorous and strong.Promotes hormone secretion, while selenium plays an important role in the body's sexual development, sexual function and generative cells.

25Relieve fatigue and improve immunity

Oyster extract rich in excellent protein, liver glycogen and more than 18 kinds of amino acids.Among these amino acids is an amino acid that can be used to synthesize glutathione, an anti-acidification substance, which can remove active acids in the body and improve immunity.In addition, taurine in oysters can help eliminate fatigue and increase physical strength, as well as relieve mental fatigue.

25To Protect The Liver

Oyster liver glycogen exists in liver and muscle, which store energy, and has a deep relationship with cell division, regeneration and activation of red blood cells, which helps to improve liver function, recover fatigue and enhance physical strength.


Oyster nutritional value


Oyster extract



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